Shaun Levin
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Shaun Levin

Writer, artist, editor, and creative writing teacher

Madrid, Spanien

Shaun Levin

I'm a writer of books, short stories, and a series of creative writing guides. I'm also an artist and a bookbinder. As a writer and teacher, I've created a series of Writing Maps to inspire other writers. Over the past fifteen years, I have edited literary magazines and collections of short stories, and set up small publishing houses, where I design different publications.

Inspiration is everywhere, and I love sharing my writing journey, my approaches to writing, and my experiments with making books. For over 20 years, I've taught creative writing in colleges, schools, adult education and other settings, and run workshops in art galleries, bookshops, cafés, parks, a cemetery, and a zoo.

My love for books as objects has led me to becoming a bookbinder and a book artist. Besides writing novels and short stories, I also make zines and photo books.

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