Rutger Paulusse

Rutger Paulusse

Visual Artist

Hilversum, Niederlande

Rutger Paulusse

Playing and experimenting with geometric shapes, soft textures, light and space are the drive behind my work, resulting in a surreal and playful universe of my own. All those explorations are translated to the digital & physical world by various techniques. The results end up as digital art, styleframes, animations, screen prints & sculptures or objects.

My main focus is (and has been) to further develop my own style. I love researching and experimenting with my visual style with the goal to grow as an artist and to create unique work. I don't stick to just the computer, but play around with various other techniques, such as screen printing, painting and airbrushing.
I learned that stepping away from the computer and trying new techniques really benefitted my work and made my work more unique and personal. Besides that being an important purpose, self development, it also helped me with landing great projects for great clients.
Creating a body of work is a personal process that can be very tough, daunting and even confusing. It's difficult to look at your own work objectively and to respond to it, building on what you created before and want to create from here now on. To me though, that is the most interesting part of being an artist; developing your own style and grow as an artist and as a human being!

I'm proud to have collaborated with nice brands such as Adobe, BMW, Ford, Google, Oppo, Reebok, Studio Sabine Marcelis & Xiaomi.


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