Patricia Román Castro

Patricia Román Castro

Diseño gráfico, UX, UI y edición de vídeos

Vigo, Spanien

Patricia Román Castro

So, this is me: a girl from Vigo born on an Olympic year. I go as Patricia or Patri. I’m Pati to my family and Pato to my parents. To them I owe my love for everything that’s related to Art.

While growing up, my worst nightmare was to be grounded with not watching a movie for a day. I loved painting with different colours on infinite paper rolls, playing in the countryside, listening to music and watching movies not rated for my age at that time. To tell you the truth, nothing has changed much.

I have a BA on Media and Communications and I ended up on Design by chance, I guess, but now I can’t picture my life without it. I am currently studying a Masters Degree on Graphic Design and Interface at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca.

I was born curious and I am in love with design, cinema, music, photography and the sea. I read somewhere that Albert Einstein said once “Creativity is intelligence having fun”, and I love having fun being creative! If you want to know more about my education and working experience or if you just want yo know a little bit more about myself, please feel free to contact me. See you later alligator!

PS: I also have a web page where you can check my work

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