Alessia Bonfanti

Alessia Bonfanti

Fotografa e Videomaker freelance

Bologna, Italien

Alessia Bonfanti

I was born in Giussano in 1995, halfway between Como and Milan, between small realities of Brianza and the big city. My father taught me to love art from an early age, but only in high school did I approach photography.
In 2014 I graduated in Advertising Graphics and Photography after which, uncertain about which way to take at university level, I became the assistant of a young fashion photographer and videomaker, Lorenzo Montanari. This experience gave me the opportunity to support him in projects with international brands: Cosmopolitan, Elle Italia, Adidas Italia and Casio.
The following year I decided to enroll at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, graduating four years later in Nuove Tecnologie dell'Arte, presenting an experimental thesis dedicated to gesture in art as a form of communication.

In conjunction with the end of the Triennale and the beginning of a Master I approached the world of work in a concrete way as a freelance for some communication agencies in the fashion sector, making food shooting, interior and reportage related to cultural events and entertainment in the province of Como and Milan.
In 2020 I completed the Master of First Level "THE OTHER PHOTOGRAPHY New Instruments and Sustainability for the Photography" organized by the Accademia di Brera and the Politecnico di Milano; Subsequently, I did a 7-month internship at an important modeling agency in Milan as head of the Art Department.

Although photography remains my greatest passion and one of the tools with which I can express myself and communicate better, I realized that I need to live other realities to be able to expand my artistic and cultural horizons, For this reason, in October 2020 I moved to Bologna to attend the master film. Here I came into contact with several inspiring realities, such as that of the Cineteca di Bologna, with which I had the opportunity to collaborate as a volunteer for the Festival of Cinema Ritrovato.

I strongly believe that there is a strong synergy between all the arts so my career path is a continuous search for new experiences and stimuli that lead me to train in a more complete way at a professional level without limiting myself to a single field.



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