Lili Storella

Lili Storella

Littleton, Estados Unidos

Lili Storella

I'm a leather handbags designer and maker from China, I moved to the US in 2019. I have 8 years experience of making handbags, and selling bags to all over the world. I am good at designing my own style of handbag from drawing the sketches to developing the prototype. I have great experience using different reinforcement materials to sculpt my design, which I am going to show you my method in my course. I believe the key to make a finest quality bag is some great techniques and the right knowledge of design, and I also will show  you in my course. Join me and let's explore your adventure of leather craftwork, and use my techniques to become one of your tools, like a pan, so you can draw your creation into a refined handbag. 
If you want to follow me my everyday work, Please find me on instagram: @mila.jito

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    Aprenda os fundamentos do trabalho com couro para criar bolsas sob medida usando técnicas de confecção profissionais

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