Vale Sciú

Vale Sciú

Graphic & Industrial Designer

Madrid, Espanha

Vale Sciú

I am an Industrial Designer since 2014 and I have study in the School of Architecture, Urbanism and Design of the National University of Córdoba.
I have taken many courses about graphical design and I have a wide experience in this area. In fact, I have a Degree in Planning and Advertising creativity, the area which I currently work as a Graphical designer.
About the languages I know, I have been studying English in a private institution for 8 years. Also, I studied portuguese for four years in the School of language of the National University of Córdoba.
Here is mi CV:

1. AcademicFormation
- 2007-2008| Editorial and graphicdesign in “”Kandisky Center”, Córdoba Argentina.
- 2008-2014|Bachelor’sdegree in Industrial Design. School of Architecture, Urbanism and Design, NationalUniversity of Córdoba (UNC). Córdoba, Argentina.
- 2014-2015|Degree in Planning and Advertising creativity.Siglo XXI University, Córdoba, Argentina.

2. Courses
- 2010-2011|Draw and design for industrial designers. Prof. Giorgio Gauna.
- 2011|Serigraphy, School of Arts, NationalUniversity of Córdoba.
- 2012|Footwear design in “Aguas de la Cañada”, Córdoba, Argentina.
- 2013|Photography course in “Fotosíntesis”, Córdoba, Argentina.
- 2015|Digital draw. Prof. AlejandoBurdisio. Córdoba, Argentina.

3. Languages
- 2008-2013| English. Advancedlevel.
- 2011-2013|Portuguese. Advancedlevel.

4. Volunteering
- 2014|Designer and coordinator of “One color, onesmile”. Social Project, Córdoba, Argentina.
- 2014-2015|Designer in theJane Goodall’sInstitute “Roots&Shoots”, Córdoba, Argentina.

5. Prices
- 2014|Third place in thepublicitycontest “Equidar”, Córdoba, Argentina.

6. Work experience
- 2008-2008|Saleswoman in the “Artistic Library”, Córdoba, Argentina.
- 2009-2010|Graphicaldesigner in the Art Gallery “Artists à la carte”, Córdoba, Argentina.

7. Publicity agency work experience
- 2012-2013|Graphicdesigner in “Globo- Strategic communications”, Córdoba, Argentina.
- 2013-2014| Art director in “Madrid- Strategic and creativity”, Córdoba, Argentina.
- 2015|Graphicaldesigner in “Be there- MysteryShopper”, Córdoba, Argentina.

8. Freelance Design
- 2013|Freelancegraphicdesigner in the cultural project “Integrados, 26 burritos cargados de arte abren el camino” (Twenty-sixdonkeys load with art open thepath) organizedby Blas Pascal University, RosalíaSoneira’sFoundation and Cultural Assembly. Recognizedbythe UNESCO fortherevalorization of thecultural identity. Design of flyers, postcards, branding and brochures.
- 2013-2015|Corporateimage and communicationstrategiesfor “PuraTura”, “Córdoba WineGroup”, “Palleto”, “Carolina Olloqui” and “Luis Lokman”.
- 2015|Fall-Winter Collection ‘15 and Spring-SummerCollection ’16 for “Carolina Olloqui” and “Lunes”. Design of prints, labels,lookbook,branding and social media communications. Córdoba, Argentina.