Stef Maden
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Stef Maden

England, Reino Unido

Stef Maden

I am Stef Maden, an illustrator currently working in England. I studied Illustration at University after deciding it was the perfect way to commercialise my artistic talents. Since I graduated I have worked in the Greeting's Card industry as an in-house designer and illustrator as well as pursuing personal projects including selling my artwork online. This includes a variety of illustrated maps of my favourite places. I gather my inspiration through my love of pop culture and trends, travel, food and my British sense of humour.

I have designed for multiple products including greetings cards, gift bags, gift wrap, packaging, stationary, kid's clothing and personal blogs.

I love working with paints and inks and then piecing the bits together (Frankenstein style!) using digital methods. I am a big fan of mechanical pencils and have a growing collection.

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