2d3D animations

At its creation, 2d3D Animations developed as its main activity the provision of services for the cartoon industry (TV and cinema). Over the last years, the company has worked in the manufacture of animated films for cinema and animated series for television, as well as some related audiovisual products (documentary films, multimedia products …)

Since 2005, the company took part in French co-productions as a minority co-producer (Asterix and the Vikings) to become a minority co-producer delegate at an international level on several animated films ( “ Friends Forever ” (Germany/France/Italy), “Emilie Jolie” (France), “ Pinocchio ” (Italy/Luxembourg/France/Belgium), “ Iqbal ” (Italy/France/Canada), “ 1884 ” (UK/France)).

Since 2010, the company has passed an important direction by becoming majority executive producer and creator of international projects with “ Rise of the Zelphire “, “ Mission Oceans, the game ” and “Mission Oceans, the serie“. The company acquired, since its creation, a recognized experience. The company has evolve by developing a cross media business plan.