Ignacio Perez Sineriz

Ignacio Perez Sineriz

Creative Director / Copywriter/ Head of Art / Creative Planner / Filmmaker / Strategist for cross-media and digital projects.

Barcelona, Espanha

Ignacio Perez Sineriz

Creative Media, Content Producer, Independent Filmmaker.

I see myself as a cross-media creative and branding expert with a career in large traditional agencies and in creative boutiques. My major passion skills are focus in branded content, film storytelling and creative direction.

Write me a message for get my portfolio! perezsineriz@gmail.com

Previous Experience Positions:
Creative Director.
Digital Creative Director.
Creative Brand Manager.
Copywriter Senior.
Head of Art Director.
Commercial & Videoclip Filmmaker.
Art Director Films Production/ Scenographer & Set Designer.
Cartoon Scriptwriter.
Cameraman & Editor.
Theatre Lighting Designer.
Sports Photographer.

Specialties: Creative Advertising, Branding Design, Strategic Brand Management, Creative concepts, Interactive Marketing, Brand Innovation, Cross Media Branding, Loyalty, Creating Ambassadors with social media and Online Campaigns.

Available for Communication Agencies and for Brands as:
Creative Director/ Copywriter / Filmmaker / Head of Art/ Creative Planner / Strategist for cross-media and digital projects.

Any questions welcome: