María Terrazas Alber

María Terrazas Alber

Animador y Diseñador en Animate. Dibujo vectorial, Colorista, Photoshop, Illustrator

Burgos, Espanha

María Terrazas Alber

I specialize in creating 2D and cutout animation, bringing to life characters and backgrounds based on sketches you supply or that we create together. I work primarily in Animate, using Illustrator and Photoshop to retouch animations and create vector images.
My past work includes several animated feature films (“Animal Channel”, “El tesoro del Rey Midas”, “El extraordinario viaje de Lucius Dumb”), and designing and implementing layout and coloration for print books and interactive print.

I bring many years of experience to creating ‘puppet’ or ‘rigged’ 2D animations. Need your characters lip-synced to the audio track? Just ask!
I can begin with your character and background sketches and create designs and vectorizations, or use designs and storyboards that you supply. I work primarily with Animate, Illustrator and Photoshop, supplemented with other tools as needed.

Starting with your sketch or photo, I create characters and backgrounds in vector format using Animate and Illustrator. I prepare designs for animation, including colorization, using Photoshop, Animate and/or Illustrate depending on the format.


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