Lisa Thompson
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Lisa Thompson

Londres, Reino Unido

Lisa Thompson

I am an author and my books for middle-grade readers are published all around the world. All of my stories are set in a contemporary world and each one has a mystery at its heart. I love to keep my reader guessing about what is going to happen next and I particularly like writing twists to surprise them!

I wanted to write from a very young age, but it took me until my thirties to be brave enough to try and write a novel. My first bookl, The Goldfish Boy, was published when I was 43. I understand how hard it can be to find the time to write or how daunting it can feel to just start. I think it is very important to find your own voice as a writer and to draw on your own life experiences and observations to make your writing more vibrant.

The Times: "One of our most inventive writers for children."

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