Lara Pickle
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Lara Pickle

Artist, author and storyteller

Londres, Reino Unido

Lara Pickle

Hi, I'm Lara. I'm a visual development artist, scene illustrator, author, and occasionally, character designer!

I've been working in animation and videogames for a good while (especially in animation) and I've recently started diving into publishing and illustrating covers and books. Most of all, I'm debuting this year with my very first Graphic Novel "Estoy fatal, gracias", which will be published by VR Europa worldwide in all Spanish-speaking countries!

I consider myself to be a storyteller, I like working with color, composition, and all cinematography in general! But I like other things too, I'm a big fashion, interior design, history, and architecture enthusiast.

Other than that, I love cats, kpop, films, and eating!
Nice to meet you all. You can follow me up on all my other social media: instagram, twitter, tiktok and youtube!

Looking forward to know you a bit more through the courses :)

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