Joel Vila Serrano

Joel Vila Serrano

diseñador de interiores e infoarquitecto

Barcelona, Espanha

Joel Vila Serrano

After the high school in Artesa de Segre, I moved to Barcelona to start design studies.

I had been studying for three years when my first real project was built. By the name of Lips, a little pub in my hometown gave me the first touch with reality.

A year later I finished my studies at BAU (BAU Escola Superior de Disseny) in Interior Design. I continued my academic studies in HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) Holland. There I furthered my studies within the architecture and urban design field. In the same time, two more projects became a reality.

A young and trendy bedroom designed down to the details, including furniture design, and a small kitchen and living room for a young couple.
Before to finish at HKU I started my Internship in VDB (Van den Berg groep) Holland, where I had the opportunity to share, learn and improve my knowledge of interior design and architecture for six months.

After that, I came back to Barcelona to start the GRAU. After one year, I got the European Title of Interior Design (GRAU). Moreover I've also gotten a Master course of Infoarchitecure in 3ds Max and Vray at FX ANIMATION (Barcelona).

Now I'm doing little projects by my own and looking for a job to continue growing as a designer.