Isabel Cañas Montes

Isabel Cañas Montes

Diseñador Grafico / Web

Barcelona, Espanha

Isabel Cañas Montes

Since I was little I’ve had a flair for all artistic expressions and it lead me to initiate my designer career studying Artistic A-levels and combine it with many other courses like flash animation, photography and stop-motion. I got the chance to start my career in the graphic design world collaborating in a multimedia project for the presentation of various short films called “Mayo”, 1999 and “Evocaciones”, 2001 by Alejandra Borja.

In 2002 and 2005 I was working for Blangi Mobel designing interiors, styling and providing technical drawing. Since then I have been always interested in different construction methods -in the materials and the latest trends in interior design.

In 2005 I began a Graphic Design Bachelor at the Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja de Barcelona, working at the same time as a graphic designer for Produccions Planetàries solucions audiovisuals, S.L. (2006 – 2008) where I increased my knowledge and skills as a graphic designer collaborating in a variety of different projects including video production, events, radio- and TV programs which helped me develop my knowledge and get used to work in complex teams. During this period I specialized in online and multimedia technologies, creating numerous web projects in either flash or HTML.

Once I finished my Graphic Design Bachelor, I moved to London, where I was living for a year improving my language. I also got the opportunity to work as a graphic designer for Nanny Group and Boston Limited.

Back in Barcelona I have worked as both an employee and as freelance in offline and online projects providing my services to studios and agencies like; Nutec, Ambient Gràfic and Ideas Agitadas, working for important clients including Durex, Silueta, Bimbo, La Vanguardia, Hero, Lindt, Diet and LaSelva. During the last years I have lead large projects like,, in addition to countless smaller design projects.