Sergio Bolinches Valencia

Sergio Bolinches Valencia

Inbound Marketing

Valência, Espanha

Sergio Bolinches Valencia


I founded my design study in Spain between the years 2006-2007 called "Objetos de Diseño No Identificados | ODNI" ("unidentified design objects" in English). In year 2010 I developed "LaMarciana", a new concept web photography... In 2016 my photo gallery limited was refounded in Berlin under the name of (Only 50 copies / edition)

Currently in Berlin and Valencia (Spain) advising people and companies regarding as UX design, industrial design, graphic and web design, and photography.

The basis of my works are intangible values which, ​​through creativity; take shape, provide, can feel, touch, see … These values, once have been transferred to a tangible world, they leave nobody indifferent, creating a story in the viewer’s memory.

Since the beginning of the study, many developed projects have been recognized. Find the most emblematic ones visiting the website.

The greatest noteworthy acknowledgments of press and media are:

2007 ON DESIGN Magazine (ON287) | News | Industrial Design
2007 Valencia Design Fair | N.U.D.E Selection | Industrial Design
2007 Valencia Design Fair | News | Industrial Design
2007 IdFx Magazine in UK | News | Industrial Design
2008 Las Provincias | News | Industrial Design
2008 Casadecor | Guest | Interior
2008 IdFx UK Magazine | Article | Industrial Design
2009 Design & Design | Award | Design
2009 Incubarte | Guest | Product
2011 Elperiodic | News | Photography
2011 Diario Uno, Argentina | Article | Design
2011 Union Radio | News | Design
2011 BBC News | Article | Photography
2011 Ling Magazine | Article | Photography
2011 Ling Magazine “Vueling” | April Cover