eleanor doughty
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eleanor doughty

Illustrator & Urban Sketcher

Seattle, Estados Unidos

eleanor doughty

I'm an illustrator, painter, teacher, and urban sketcher originally from the Washington, DC area, but I've lived in Seattle since 2017. I hold a BFA in Communication Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University and work as a freelance artist and teacher. My clients include Hilton hotels, Penguin Random House, Kroger, the Seattle Times, VICE, and of course Domestika! My work captures realistic subjects and imbues them with significance and character, and drawing from life is the heart of my practice.

I love using mixed media and experimenting with a lot of different materials, but I most often use my good old watercolors and ink pens. My favorite thing to do is travel with my sketchbook and wander around in new cities, and also ride my scooter in rural areas and explore them.

Other than sketching, some of my hobbies are bouldering, hiking, watching & appreciating animated movies and TV shows, mending/sewing, and sipping a good americano on a rainy day.

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