Giulia Candussi
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Giulia Candussi

Photojournalist and Documentary Filmmaker

Glasgow, Reino Unido

Giulia Candussi

I am a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker committed to producing visual stories that have an impact on society and raise awareness about human and environmental issues.

I have a strong background in human rights and gender issues and have worked for almost a decade as a photojournalist collaborating with local media, NGOs and international news agencies such as Getty Images. I have produced photo reportages about the migrant crisis from the border between Slovenia and Italy, the zika virus from the slums in the north of Argentina and about cultural identity within the Muisca tribe in Colombia, as well as covering major news events such as the Brexit drama from London and Scotland, the Venice Biennale and Obama's state visit to Italy.

I then gradually shifted my interest from still to moving images and discovered a great passion for documentaries. I now regularly collaborate with BBC Scotland making short documentaries for their platform The Social reaching millions of views with my popular series about the van life community in Scotland. I am now working on a short documentary for international distribution that was commissioned by the Scottish Documentary Institute within their Bridging the Gap initiative.

I am originally from Italy, but I live in the south-west of Scotland where I work on commissions, personal projects and teaching. I strongly believe that an image is worth more than a thousand words and I encourage people to use pictures as a tool to tell their story. I have taught photography and filmmaking to all levels of expertise, including vulnerable people like migrants for the charity Migrants Voice and women for the Women's Centre Against Violence. I encourage anyone to pick up their camera – or phone – and start telling their story. It doesn't matter what gear you own, I teach people the basics of photography so they can express their voice without being limited by technology.

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