Fedra Eira

Fedra Eira

Illustrator and Fashion & Textile Designer

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fedra Eira

HI there!

I´m Fedra, I´m an Argentine Illustrator and Fashion and Textile Designer.
I would like to work with you becouse I love to create different prints and prints for textile.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to go to study graphic design in Mexico.
In that year living there, I discovered that what most fills my soul is traveling, meeting new people, trying typical foods. For that reason, I created Textil Nómada. A textile project in which I make different illustrations prints & patterns.
The designs of the illustrations are inspired by stories, traditions and legends from different places visited.
My studio focuses on visual and design in the fields of fashion, art, culture and travel.
I provide an illustrations, print, digital, patterns, products, For agencies and individual clients.

In my project I managed to unite my profession with my passion and my desire to discover the world.

I work with love

Thanks ♡