Cora Carroll

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my little art corner in the big universe we know as the internet! To introduce myself I should start out by saying that I am the owner, designer, and creative force behind Mountain Maiden Co. A personal collective of wearable art made by yours truly.
Graduating with a BFA in Photography and a minor in Studio Art from Black Hills State, I have always felt a strong draw to the artistic realm.
Growing up with an artistic parent, I have been on a somewhat eccentric path for most of this crazy walk we call life, it is in this path I have come to realize that my sole purpose is simply "to create".

I was first introduced to bead weaving and bead looming at the age of 6. It came to be a core thread (pun intended) throughout my childhood, however I was reintroduced to the concept of combing metal and beadwork while on vacation in South Africa in 2019. It was in the majestic Dutch wine lands that I stumbled upon several antiquities in a small antique shop north of Cape Town utilizing the method. This changed my life. Inspired by a technique that had been around for centuries, I added a dabble of contemporary design and modern artistry, bringing it into the 21 century.
From that point on Mountain Maiden Co was established and from there I have continued to mix mediums as well as test the limits of the foundations of old forms of adornment mixed with modern ideas to create a space inspired by the natural world!

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  • Sieraden maken met kralen en metaal

    Verander metalen frames in unieke sieraden en accessoires met kralen door kleur en compositie te verkennen

    Een cursus van Cora Carroll, Sieradenkunstenares


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