Colombo and Serboli Architecture
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Colombo and Serboli Architecture

Barcelona, Spanje

Colombo and Serboli Architecture

Colombo and Serboli Architecture (CaSA) is an Architecture and Interior Design studio founded in 2011 in Barcelona by Italian architects Matteo Colombo and Andrea Serboli.

Our projects cover both the national territory and the rest of Europe. Including lately some collaborations in the US and Argentina.

Our purpose is to transform properties into unique spaces with increased value, for local and foreign clients, both private and investors.
Luxury is about the experience of places and spaces, carefully designed, craftily detailed for excellence.

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  • Inleiding tot binnenhuisarchitectuur: renoveer een huis

    Leer hoe je binnenruimtes analyseert om ze op een functionele manier opnieuw in te richten en zet beperkingen om in toegevoegde waarde

    Een cursus van Colombo and Serboli Architecture, Studio voor binnenhuisarchitectuur en -ontwerp


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