Brad Woodard
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Brad Woodard

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Boise, Verenigde Staten

Brad Woodard

I have been illustrating my entire life, but decided to go to college and get a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design. With that degree I went on to work as a designer for companies as small as a startup creative studio to as large as a worldwide ad agency. While working as a designer I rediscovered my love for illustration and began incorporating it into my design work until the two began to naturally fuse together.

Now, I have been running my own design and illustration studio, Brave the Woods, alongside my wife for the past several years. We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with amazing brands such as Ford, Target, Coca Cola, Penguin Random House and Microsoft to name a few. Alongside my client work, I also do as much as I can to share what I know via lectures, workshops, online courses and other video content.

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