Yoola (Yael) Falk
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Yoola (Yael) Falk

Yizrael, Israel

Yoola (Yael) Falk

I'm Yoola, I'm an industrial designer by profession and an enthusiastic wire crochet designer by heart.
My destiny is to spread wire crochet in the invisible spool knitting technique I developed to as many people around the globe, either on a hobby to have fun and make wonderful gifts to filmily and friends, or on a professional level to create income by making and selling wire crochet jewelry, if you ask me "its all about wire crochet !"
my work can be seen on my social media channels and my own website : YoolaDesign

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  • Joyería de ganchillo de alambre

    Aprende la técnica de tejido de carrete invisible y diseña tu propia joyería de ganchillo de alambre.

    Un curso de Yoola (Yael) Falk, Artista de ganchillo

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