Thomas Lam
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Thomas Lam

Professional Chinese calligraphy artist

Londres, Reino Unido

Thomas Lam

Thomas Lam, is a Chinese calligrapher, 'ShuFa' artist based in London. He was born and raised in Hong Kong. Since his elementary school, he has started his artistic journey fascinated by art, Chinese culture and history, began with writing KaiShu(Regular script), and grew to love LiShu(Clerical script), HangShu (Running script) and CaoShu (Cursive scripts) later.

For the last 15 years, he has been sharing his artworks online and through workshops in Hong Kong and UK. He has also developed a learning system for teaching all Chinese cultural and calligraphy lovers to master and to enjoy the writing skill. His calligraphy has as well been proudly graced in many body-art, logo, posters and large brand name designs from all over the world, both commercially and privately.

His passion range from traditional ink-handwriting to modern graphic designs with oriental culture. He is exceptionally informative about comparing a large variety of calligraphy writing tool from Japan, Taiwan and China, including choices of paper, brush and ink and the relation to the writing effects and outcome. Recently his interest has expanded into writing with watercolour and has blended in different elements of crafts into his art creations.

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