Desmond Du
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Desmond Du

Motion Designer & Educator

Savannah, Estados Unidos

Desmond Du

My name is Desmond, I’m a Motion Designer that specialized in animation using Javascript expression rigging and scripting, procedural workflow, tool kitting, and automation. My past working experience includes working in broadcast motion graphics at WarnerMedia Studios for brands and networks such as NBA, Turner Classic Movies, E-League, Cartoon Network, Bleacher Report, etc. I have also done animation work for clients and studios such as STATE Design, ThinkMojo, Saatchi & Saatchi, MTV, Salesforce, SCAD, and ACI worldwide.

I love Motion Design, but my passion is teaching, and I believe my mission is to help everyone realize their true potential, and transform their design career for the better! I also make After Effects tutorials on my Youtube channel, NoSleepCreative, where I teach the power of coding and expressions in creating complex and amazing animation! As of now, I am an MFA candidate at SCAD so I can get into teaching professionally at a college level. I feel immense joy and fulfillment from sharing knowledge with everyone, and I hope you can succeed and do your best work through the skills I teach in my course.

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