Teo Ardoy Chica

Teo Ardoy Chica

Digital Art Director - Freelance

Barcelona, España

Teo Ardoy Chica

Senior Digital Art Director with +10 years experience in digital design, specializing in creativity, UX/UI and motion. Experienced in conception, production and management of online campaigns, responsive design and digital products. Looking for jobs involving UX/UI design, interaction design and motion.

I can wear many different hats in order to deliver digital solutions that solve the client's needs. My design profile includes a broad knowledge of skills although my specialty is that of UX-UI Senior Designer: from persona creation, scenarios and user stories, to the delivery of flexible and scalable design systems, documenting behaviours and brand guidelines that facilitate its implementation and adoption by management and design teams.

My work methodology is based on quick and iterative validation of concepts (wireframes, prototypes, multivariable tests) that respond to the business strategy from different points of view, subsequently developing the approach with best user and business results.

I have international experience in startups, large, medium and small agencies. And in 2014 I founded Nomada Digital Ltd. () pushing forward all my capabilities to deliver design & advertising services to social enterprises, NGOs, ethnographic research, green developments and sustainable businesses.

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