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Susan Yung

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Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos

Susan Yung

Hello! My name is Susan Yung and welcome to my portfolio site ! I am currently a Color Supervisor at Hulu's Solar Opposties. I have worked with numerous studios such as Netflix, Hulu (Solar Opposties), Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon Animation Studios and Cartoon Network. I have also had experience working as a Designer/Visual Development Artist with studios like PSYOP, Chromosphere, Buck and Elastic.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I moved out to Florida after graduating high school to study at Ringling College of Art and Design. The love of storytelling led me to create a short film alongside with two classmates called Runaway. The film has earned them several screenings at national and international film festivals. Runaway eventually went onto winning second place in the Student Emmy Awards in 2014.

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    Aprende todo el proceso para crear escenas de fondo digitales para animaciones 2D en Photoshop

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