Superdot – visualizing complexity
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Superdot – visualizing complexity

Basel, Suiza

Superdot – visualizing complexity

We are Nicole and Darjan from
Our mission is to create impact through understanding, by visualizing complex issues with enjoyable and innovative solutions.
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Nicole Lachenmeier is a Swiss information designer and co-founder of the data experience agency Superdot, founded in 2011.
Alongside her team, she has developed over a hundred visual tools and design systems for large companies, NGOs and governmental organizations. A graduate of Art and Design Visual Communication from FHNW Academy, holding a Masters in Visual Communication and Iconic Research, Nicole also studied typography and design techniques with Wolfgang Weingart. Besides her agency work, Nicole teaches visualization (and design) at several design universities. She is a co-creator of the event series On Data and Design, promoting interdisciplinary knowledge exchange in information design. Collaborating with Darjan Hil, she developed the Modular Information Design system, co-creating Visualizing Complexity, the Modular Information Design Handbook, also with Darjan Hil.
Nicole has received several awards, including The Most Beautiful Swiss books 2009 & 2016, the Information is Beautiful Award 2016, the DPA Infographics Award 2015, and Out of Balance Criticism of the Present Infographic Winner in 2013.

Darjan Hil is an information designer. He co-founded Superdot (formerly YAAY) while working as a researcher at the University of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland.
Since 2017, Darjan has taught at various Swiss Universities, lecturing on data visualization and information design principles. The co-author of Visualizing Complexity, the Handbook for Modular Information Design, initiated the event series On Data And Design in Vienna, Basel and Berlin. Darjan grew up in Austria, where he earned a Master of Science in Business Informatics from the University of Vienna. In his early professional life, working in information technology, he experienced a great deal of inefficiency arising from digital tools, remote work, and countless problems deriving from miscommunication. Witnessing a colleague explaining complexity, using a pen and a flipchart, inspired Hil to rekindle his studies, eventually graduating in 2011 with a Master of Arts in Visual Communication and Iconic Research from the Basel School of Design.

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