Susan Menéndez

Susan Menéndez

Madrid, España

Susan Menéndez

Born in England - raised in Spain, lived in the US, I am a passionate journalist. I love the excitement of new projects, of deadlines, of finding the best way to explain something. Words. Concepts. Ideas. Information architecture. Good stories. On- and off- line.

I started working in the early 90s as a staff writer for La Voz de Galicia in A Coruña. I did everything - from covering Courts to coordinating the Cultural supplement and writing about the first Gulf War watching what was going on in CNN (remember Peter Arnett’s big night?). After that... I was prepared to do anything! So, what the heck, I crossed the ocean and worked in Miami at Reuters under the wings of two super masters, Ricardo Carrera and Corrie Parsonson. They let me play with their Macs, and John Abell in the D.C. bureau let me break his templates for the first web in Spanish. Ay madre, the dotcom bug was all over me... so I jumped into an exciting start-up with a great team, Yupi Internet, where I was in charge of and launched, the first online community dedicated to the Spanish-speaking women. Did I mention Microsoft bought us?

With the change of millennium It was time to move again to Old Europe. I missed seasons and food and our loud debates about just anything. Back in Spain, I worked in ELLE magazine and in Prisacom, at the Central Operations Desk, with Mario Tascón as my big boss and a first-class bunch of internet savvies. But Madrid has no sea! So I decided to pack up my stuff and move north, to A Coruña, where I have a dog, a scooter and I freelance for clients all around the globe. Some names? Microsoft, European Commission, OECD, Harvard Business Review, Hearst Magazines, Lionbridge Technologies, PAU Education, Prodigioso Volcán, Grupo Prisa, Diximedia...

Challenge is my favourite word. May I help you?

I speak English and Spanish fluently, and my French and Portuguese aren’t that bad either.

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