Austin, Estados Unidos


Stellina Stampouli was born and raised in Kassandra, Greece. She found her love for photography in 2012 after finding an old film camera her father owned.

Her photos have been featured on prominent magazines and online publications such as as Vogue Italia, Shoot Film Magazine, The City Magazine, Emc Mag, Doppelganger Magazine, Modic Magazine, Picton Magazine, Nakid Magazine and Analog Arithmic.

Stellina had her first solo photo exhibition “Lux In Tenebris” in 2018 in Austin, Texas. The exhibit featured images shot between 2012-2018 in locations such as Greece, New York, Texas, Chicago, Colorado and Utah.

Stellina currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Stellina's imagery conveys strong emotions through the use of light, textures and shadows. Her photos show a feminine sensuality that is dark and obscure, intimate and mysterious.


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