Andreas Wölfl

Andreas Wölfl

Motion Grapher/ Animator

Barcelona, España

Andreas Wölfl

I am a german Motion Graphic Designer/ Animator based in sunny Barcelona, Spain.
During my professional journey I've tried to pursued a little bit of everything, but I found my true passion to be within the Motion Graphics world, so I dove in.
In the last 10 years of experience, I've had the chance to lead great projects for a variety of clients.

Roles I love playing: Animation Direction, 2D Animation, Cell Animation, StopMotion, classic paperless animation, Design, Illustration. I love MixMedia Art and Collage in general. I'm crazy about Illustrations and mainly to make them move.

I am not the guy for: Creating power point templates.

If you want to talk about new exciting proyects or just have little chat during a coffee contact me under


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