Rubén Briongos

Rubén Briongos

Full Stack Web Developer

Madrid, España

Rubén Briongos

Having worked in the fields of architecture, design, and publishing, I have always been intrigued by technology and have followed its progress for as long as I can recall. Being a pragmatic and logical person, I find web development to be an area with a great deal of potential to offer in these regards. However, art and design have also been passions of mine since my teenage years, which led me to study architecture. As I became more familiar with programming and the advancements in technology, I realized that combining the logical and creative facets of my life would be achievable through the on-demand skill of web development. Hence, I made the decision to enroll in a Bootcamp to expand my knowledge in this domain, and I am eager to keep learning in the future.

Would love to make an impact on digital pollution and energy consumption, building more sustainable apps.

Architect, Landscape Architect and Building Engineer, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Founder at Rudo Sodas Co. Also Head Brewer.
Natural Beekeeper since 2011 for Trasmonte.
Co-Founder of the office for the urban promotion of beekeeping ABEJAS EN LA CIUDAD together with María Ibáñez, cultural manager with extensive international experience.

Before that:
Former founding member of Basurama and the Madrid Collage Society.
Co-Creator of the International Weird Collage Show
Partner of the defunct Oficina de Creación Picnic, winner of several architecture competitions and Head of the illustration publishing house Picnic Editorial.
Responsible for illustration magazine The Gutenberg's Quarterly



Se unió en junio de 2009