Rowena Frenzel
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Rowena Frenzel

3D Creature Art

Leipzig, Alemania

Rowena Frenzel

My name is Rowena Frenzel, and I am a 3D Creature Artist for the entertainment industry since 2015. I'm working as a full-time freelancer, mostly for Video games & Board games, but in other areas as well like film, tv, animation, education, museums, entertainment, and so on.
My major clients are internationally based while I'm living & working in Germany.

[Main Focus] - Animals & Creatures

[Core Skills]
- Organic Modeling high and low
- Texturing
- 3D Concepting, Designing
- Storytelling
(creating full 3d creature assets and also come up with designs and 3d concepts)

Profesor de

  • Diseño de criaturas 3D con ZBrush y Photoshop

    Da vida a personajes de animales llenos de detalles a través de herramientas digitales e inspirándote en el mundo natural

    Un curso de Rowena Frenzel, Artista freelance de personajes 3D



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