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Rob Meyerson

Principal, Heirloom

Pacífica, Estados Unidos

Rob Meyerson

I'm a brand strategist and namer. For over 15 years, I've worked with business leaders to build identities for their companies, products and services. By "identity," I don't mean just a logo—I mean a set of clearly articulated beliefs, expressed through compelling words (including a name) and substantiated by consistent actions.

I run an independent brand strategy and identity firm, Heirloom, based in Pacifica, California. Before that, I was head of brand architecture and naming at HP. Other previous roles include director of verbal identity at Interbrand in San Francisco, strategy director at FutureBrand Southeast Asia, and strategy director at Labbrand in Shanghai.

My book, Brand Naming: The Complete Guide to Creating a Name for your Company, Product, or Service, will publish in late 2021. If you'd like learn more about me or read some of what I've written about brand strategy or naming, please visit my blog, How Brands Are Built, or check out my podcast of the same name.

I'm looking forward to teaching you about branding!

Twitter: @robmeyerson | Instagram: @howbrandsarebuilt

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