Piotrek Pérez

Piotrek Pérez

Industrial Design Engineer, Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing Consultant . Researcher in New technologies VR / AR.

Madrid, España

Piotrek Pérez

Piotrek Pérez is a Spanish designer, who is on the forefront of international marketing and design scene; he is also one of the few in his generation to use his talents in a variety of areas as poetic-communicative components to achieve maximum welfare for human beings.

As a freshly Graduated from Valencia Polytechnic, with a Bachelor´s degree in industrial design engineering and product development in 2015 and Master´s degree in design engineering and innovation in 2016 at University Polytechnic of Valencia. Currently, he is enrolled at University of Valencia, until 2020, as PhD candidate in the doctoral programme in Marketing in research line: Communication and New and reality technologies.

Innovatively and modeler at heart. Explosive enthusiasm, creativity and giggles help Piotrek deliver pitches and work on outstanding projects from concept to completion of - these projects always stand out and have something extra. Piotrek aims straight for the heart, highlighting the essential, extracting the structural minimum of every object, in order to offer creations and propositions closest to man and nature, best adapted to the future structural minimum of every object from a marketing point of view.

With strong agency experience that can help shape the project management team. Piotrek is flexible and proactive, with excellent verbal and written communication, highly organized and confident at managing projects, talent team and liaising with clients independently.

Member at Dimad, "Association of designers of Madrid", Spain and Read, "Red Española de Asociaciones del Diseño", as a professional of design and marketing. Winner of two International Awards Social Advertising Publifestival in 2006, Spain.

Finally, he has a dream, that one day he will like to be a father and working in a young and international company or university surrounded by great talents.