Pero... Lorena!

Pero... Lorena!

Painting - Illustration - Graphic Design

Frankfurt am Main, Alemania

Pero... Lorena!

Fascination for lines and colors. That is the starting point of each piece that I make.

I like playing around with them to create unique stuff. I would be honored if you pick one of them to be part of you life. –You can visit my on-line shop here or even ask me for something specific–

I love to work with a basis of pencil, marker o charcoal pastel and mix them usually with acrylic paint (or textil paint for clothes, of course). By blending them all I can get a result between controlled and unexpected. I find it so enjoyable, because that way I can have an idea of "where I am going" and at the same time letting enough space for spontaneity. What I think it´s essential for life.

And by the way I am Lorena, a painter and graphic designer who currently lives in Frankfurt (Germany) with my partner and our imaginary dog.


Ficha profesional


  • Freie Kunstakademie Frankfurt

    Fráncfort, Alemania

    2015 - Actualmente

  • UPV EHU Universidad del País Vasco Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

    Lejona, España

    1996 - 2000

  • IADE Escuela de Diseño

    Madrid, España

    2001 - 2002