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Patrick Wind

Barcelona, España

Patrick Wind

Patrick Wind is the Managing Director of, providing online training, tools and support that help thousands of entrepreneurs to grow their business with advanced Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Having failed with his own three different eCommerce stores, Patrick learned the hard way that performance marketing requires much more than just bringing lots of traffic to your website. It rather requires the right retargeting funnel, proven methods for attracting new audiences as well as compelling ad design and copywriting.

Motivated by his desire to learn and master all of the above, Patrick invested €3,000,000 for 120 different brands returning an impressive €10,400,000 in online sales for them. Meanwhile, he maintained close contact to the Facebook Headquarters in Dublin as a certified Buying & Planning Professional.

Based on his more than 10,000 AB tests Patrick created the unique Full-Funnel Strategy, which helps marketers to lower the cost per conversion and thus significantly increase their return on investment.

This Full-Funnel Strategy has already been implemented by international brands like ASICS, DiamondSupplyCo. and Bioderma as well as some of Europe’s highest valued startups like 21Buttons, HolaLuz and Meller. Europe’s leading MBA programs such as IESE, ESADE, LaSalle Barcelona & WU Vienna have also incorporated Patrick’s Full-Funnel Strategy into their marketing curriculum and have hired Patrick as guest lecturer.

All of these advanced methods have been combined with practical tools and a 24/7 support community to create the AdsAccelerator program: Patrick’s eLearning platform for social paid media

This program has already made a real impact in the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs in 24 different countries, who were empowered to create their own profitable businesses and scale them exponentially all over Europe. It has helped them to fulfill their entrepreneurial dream and make a positive impact on Europe’s startup environment.

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