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Paul Neberra

Lisboa, Portugal

Paul Neberra

Welcome! My name is Neberra, and I'm a self-taught surrealist painter located in Lisboa, Portugal. My passion for Art started a long time ago, and I draw and paint since I can remember.
After my degree in Graphic Design, I was fortunate to illustrate a small children's magazine. In the following years, between 2006 and 2007, I worked in a small advertising agency, and after that, I found a teaching post at a Lisbon training school, dedicating the next 5 years to teaching graphic software,
During this time, I mainly created digital illustrations leaving the conventional, more traditional process aside.
After 2013 I decided to devote myself entirely to pursue an artistic career, participating in many group shows and a few individual exhibitions. I started with acrylic paint to get more confident, and after some months, I got back to oils, which are actually my favorite medium since I was fourteen.
My work was featured in various art magazines, including Catapult, Blopop, Hey, Artit, just to mention a few.
In 2018 my painting "The Great Fetishist" was published on the B cover of "Heavy Metal" magazine, and in 2020 I received an honourable mention with my picture "Saint Rose of Pop" in the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize.

My work reflects a lot of my unconscious! Especially in the way I see the world and solve my fears and anguish. The images I create work as mediators between my issues and my surrounding reality, a profound interpretation of various aspects of my mind.
What I have understood over time is that not all the process of creation and interpretation is successful. And in this way, I am in part condemned to a constant process of evolution and learning.
I am not devoid of opinions and concerns about the world around me, even because it is this point that undoubtedly creates the instability that I need to solve the best I can by painting. Throughout this process that began at a young age, I identified myself with Surrealism and later with Pop Surrealism, and in these artistic movements, I frame my work.
The fantasy and influence of Pop culture are just as important as sensitivity to environmental and social issues. I often try to revive an Era in which nature had a significant prominence in people's lives. Consequently, a universe emerges, which is a kind of symbiosis that relates the human being to his surroundings and nature itself.
I feel that the paintings I create work as parallel reality windows. In these images, we have subtle references to past historical events, but different realities arise from ours.

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