Natan Magalhaes

Natan Magalhaes


Barcelona, España

Natan Magalhaes

Hi, I'm Natan, a brazilian creative advertiser based in Barcelona.
I’ve been working in advertising for 17 years now, 12 of them as Creative Art Director, and what I like more in my work is to think cool things that can bring something good to the world. Or at least, entertain it.

During those lot of years I passed by some cool agencies as Y&R, Grey, Pereira & O'Dell, VML, among a few others, and created for clients such as Procter & Gamble Brazil, LG, Latam Airlines (former TAM), Telefonica-Vivo, Bradesco Bank, Jeep, Mercedes, Mini, Fiat, Santa Casa Hospital, Colgate, Palmolive, Schin (beverages), Estadão (newspaper) - among others, listed on my linkedIn.

Today I’m in Barcelona, working on projects from everywhere in the world. Thanks, internet!
I’m also taking care of Positive Drop, a social startup / NGO that I found to help on the search for immediate blood donors. The bright of my eyes. A very very cool project that I’m passionate about.

So the thing is that my whole career happened in São Paulo and right now I'm living in Barcelona. To shake things a little bit and try some new roads that will definitely bring a good experience and improve some skills.

Yet, there are two things that I'm keeping in mind - and so should you:
1. I can make a nice work from anywhere in the world having a good internet.
2. Good opportunities are always welcome and great ones can lead to new plans.

Well, that was a fresh sum up I think. There's more about me ~ like the fact I’m also a Kung Fu Black Belt! ~ but I think it would be better to talk in person if you were interested to. Let me know. :)