Natalia Batista
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Natalia Batista

Manga artist and storyteller

Malmö, Suecia

Natalia Batista

Swedish manga artist and illustrator with a professional career since 2006. In my 14 years as a professional manga artist, I have made over 1600 pages of manga, most of them published as books or part of comic anthologies. My most well-known works are Mjau! and Sword Princess Amaltea, published in Sweden, USA, Italy, Germany, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

My works vary in genre from fantasy and action to romance and comedy. I love every part of the manga making process and love teaching the neat tricks I've gathered through the years to other aspiring manga creators. I'm a member of the Swedish manga artist collective Nosebleed Studio and I'm also a co-organizer of the annual comic zine festival Seriefest in Malmö.

Educated at Serieskolan (Comic Art School) in Malmö, Sweden, where I also worked for many years as a teacher. Have done lectures in comic art at California College of the Arts in San Fransisco, USA, and at ACME in Milan, Italy, among others.

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