Mohamed M. Azmy

Mohamed M. Azmy

Architectural manual presentation skills

El Cairo, Egipto

Mohamed M. Azmy

Hello, I'm Mohamed Mohamed Azmy

I am an Egyptian architect and a lecturere in the architectural department in the university. I am here to help you improve your existing art skills in through my courses and as a result of being self-taught, I have been continually refining my drawing skills in general, especially in architectural rendering techniouqs. In order to ensure that my courses contain the best information available, I constantly research, study and train to improve my skills. As a result, I am providing you with a compendium of techniques so that you can learn specific visualization concepts quickly, easily and effectively. Because my biggest goal is to prove that anyone can learn and reach their goals, and maybe learn something new in this course and for self development.

I offer "online" and "offline" lessons on art & architectural presentation skills in different materials (pencil/colored pencils/black ink/markers/watercolors) as I have extensive experience in creating these courses.

My strength comes from my ability through my years of experience teaching demonstration and holding seminars for university students, gaining the ability to break down complex topics into easy, manageable concepts. My attention to detail helps me explain these concepts in a way that is easy for students to work with.

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