Mike Koubou
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Mike Koubou

Atenas, Grecia

Mike Koubou

Hi my name is Mike and I´m a freelance illustrator based in Athens.
Since I can remember I have always loved to draw! It was and is a hobby and a passion for me! After High school I studied architecture but my love for illustration was bigger.
My career as an Illustrator began after I finished University and worked for years in a Publishing house illustrating educational books for children.
Today Im working as a freelancer undertaking different projects but the most important think for me is to focus on selling my own artwork online.

Another passion I have is graphic design and photography. I did a lot freelance projects as a graphic designer focused on logo design, motion graphics, typography and web design, but also like to undertake photography projects like weddings, commercial of products or just taking pictures from places that I like.


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