Iris Mesko

Iris Mesko

Translator and interpret

Múnich, Alemania

Iris Mesko

I have grown up in the middle of Slovenia, in a tiny capital surrounded by the green unknown country with a special touch of nature. My childhood was simple but full of dreams and imagination. It felt like living in a fairy tale; ice skating on frozen lakes, swimming at the blue sea, and dancing under the pine trees. As a child I preferred the world of adults, listening to their family stories about reading newspapers through the apple pie dow and the big wonderful home, which was lost forever because it has been taken away. I read from old healing books about the special healing power of water and from the bible of herbs. Fairy tales were my favorite and I even won a price for the illustration of the Princess and the Pea. My gift was a record about the music in the orchestra. I listened to it at least 100 times.


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