Meike Schneider
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Meike Schneider

3D Artist, Character Designer & Illustrator

Colonia, Alemania

Meike Schneider

I'm a 3D Artist, Character Designer and Illustrator working in the Animation, Publishing and Advertising Industry.
My clients include Adobe, My Best Book Publishing, Logitech, LIDL, Finni & Fredo Publishing, 3DTOTAL, DELL and many more! I've worked on different types of projects such as children's books, mobile games, product and packaging designs, character and environment designs as well as fashion design.

Apart from being self-employed, I've also gained 5+ years experience as a 3D Modeling and Character Design lecturer and art department supervisor. I've successfully taught students on-site the campus at PIXL VISN and SCHOOL OF GAMES in Cologne until today.

Growing up in the 90s, it becomes apparent that my work was highly influenced by some of my favorite Walt Disney’s feature classics such as Aladdin or Pocahontas. Watching movies always made me curious about the process of creating an actual “animation” and I’ve always been fascinated about the amount of work that goes into these projects. Even today I’m more excited about watching the ‘making of’ than the actual movie. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on my all-time favorite book “cartoon animation” by Preston Blair when I was little. I studied his animation work for years and recreated many of his animations, which made me wish to become an animator one day.

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  • Pixlvisn Media Arts Academy

    Colonia, Alemania

    2012 - 2014

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