Mark Hodgetts

I'm retired and I have chosen to take an interest in art as a hobby, which includes looking at art and trying to create it. I'm a poor student, as I do not like repetition ( i.e. practicing the same thing over and over), but I do like undertaking study courses. So I dabble in many different artistic media and approaches, but I'm not proficient at anything. This does not really bother me as I'm enjoying the journey and I don't need to make a living from art. I don't have a self-portrait, so I've included a coloured pencil drawing of a cat. I'm looking forward to learning something new from Albert, whose work I greatly admire.

This is my second Domestika course and I am very impressed by Jane French's artworks. So, I am looking forward to learning about how to create a portrait using oil paints.


Se unió en septiembre de 2022