My name is Martina Galarza, though I'm better known as Marte.
I specialize in conceptualizing and creating unique visual experiences combining illustration, lettering,
graphic design, muralism and branding. Since 2015 I have been working freelance for the music industry, developing graphic identities for festivals and bands in Argentina and around the world.

Music drew me to the visual arts: as a child I discovered that songs became much more meaningful and moving when accompanied by images. I spent hours watching music videos and album covers: music and visuals became one to me.

Designing concert posters is one of the jobs that I enjoy doing the most. Besides being an ideal format to combine illustration and lettering, posters allow my aesthetics to be transformed by interacting with the artist's musical style. Some of the artists I have worked for are: Lizzo, Courtney Barnett, Paul McCartney, Pussy Riot and Juana Molina.

I studied graphic design at University of Buenos Aires and Lettering with legends like Ken Barber, Jim Parkinson and Guille Vizzari.

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  • Diseño de pósteres creativos para eventos

    Explora las herramientas para crear un póster impactante desde cero, combinando el arte del lettering y el diseño gráfico

    Un curso de Marte, Diseñadora gráfica y artista de lettering

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