Manuel Márquez Almodóvar

Manuel Márquez Almodóvar

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Alicante, España

Manuel Márquez Almodóvar


My name is Manuel Márquez, I graduated from CICE Professional School of New Technologies in Madrid and Morley College in London, where I got an official certification by Adobe.

I am a very versatile designer in numerous areas of practice including graphic design, layout and animation.
As a designer I love working with people, using the creative process to find new ideas and innovative solutions to design challenges.
I have worked as a freelancer, for small start-ups, and in large corporate environments. I stay informed of current trends and relevant new techniques in design software, media and creative skills.

My objectives are to be part of a dynamic and innovative team of designers in generating first-class designs and develop my creative skills with an agency or studio that is creatively challenging, affording me the opportunity to gain valuable experience or knowledge.

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