Luis Santa-Maria Bernal

Luis Santa-Maria Bernal

Motion Grapher

Londres, Reino Unido

Luis Santa-Maria Bernal

I am a Motion Graphics Designer from Spain whose childhood life plan was to become a Vet, and who has just loved to watch cartoons and animated films.

At some point, my life plan began to slip away, and started wandering into Web Designer jobs, then Graphic Designer ones, in advertising agencies and design studios as well, until I got to where I am now, doing what really moves my mind: Video, Motion Graphics and Animation.

Working as a freelance for 7 years has taught me to move forward and never look back, taking responsability for my own work and life.

I have strong skills in the whole Adobe Creative Suite, with Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects at the very top.

At this moment, I’m mastering Cinema 4D so I can create graphics from scratch.


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