Lucas Muñoz
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Lucas Muñoz

Madrid, España

Lucas Muñoz

Lucas Muñoz Muñoz (1983) is a Spanish designer, artist and craft traveler based between the Netherlands and Spain. His practice explores redefinitions of the functionality and materiality of use-objects, spaces and engineering. Working out with his hands a field that intertwines the need for use of our daily-life artefacts with the capacity they have to carry and embody meaning from an creative and critical approach.

Total works, as the Temporal collection for Machado Muñoz gallery or, to a more holistic level, the restaurant MO de Movimiento, have shown his capacity to revisit his field of work through a creative commitment that brings a lateral approach into every area he steps in. One that takes what is in situ, puts in value local craft and materials, brings in ex situ knowledge, addresses consumption and pollution and includes the context, with its social and cultural layers, as a departure point.

Many times his work finds shape into objects and most of his individual pieces find home at museum and gallery exhibitions as well as private collectors. Some others remain thought exercises that become sensorial digressions about our social and man-made landscapes. A practice that most of times renders physical in his atelier but also finds shape during interventions abroad, being the later ones mainly in collaboration with local creatives or cultural institutions. Some of his projects do also result into video, 3D scans, sound pieces and ephemeral interventions that consolidate a body of work that takes design as the centre of an area which extends into other disciplines and fields of knowledge.

His approach addresses design in an extended view, and considers it a language that can be articulated not only by objects, in a way that intends to be more dialogical than dialectical.

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