Lorena Canals


Born with the purpose of making parents and decor lovers lives easier, Lorena Canals’ namesake brand is inspired by the beauty of everyday things, handcrafted products, and human connections.

Set off to create the first machine-washable rugs Lorena Canals established the company that shares her name in 1990, where along with our community of artisans, we continue to put our hearts into bringing stylish yet practical rugs and accessories to our customers and friends around the world, until this day.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Made from 100% cotton, wool and natural fabrics we are committed environmental sustainability using chemical-free dyes.

Sakûla Project

By purchasing our products you contribute to our Sakûla Project providing access to education for underprivileged kids in Northern India.

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For more information contact: hello@lorenacanals.com
For press enquiries contact: marketing@lorenacanals.com

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