Deborah Robertson

Deborah Robertson has always had a creative imagination. One of her favorite quotes is by Vincent Van Gogh " I dream of painting and then I paint my dream." She loves the freedom of being a Creative Visionary. Whether it is designing, photographing, writing, or being on an adventure. She puts her loyalty into her work.

Coming from a self-taught family has made her a seeker of knowledge to learn new skills. What she watches today would be made by tomorrow. Universal Classes helped her to get certified in travel writing, haunted places and a guide to wines. It comes in handy when traveling on an adventure. She continues growing her skills with Skillshare and Creative Live.

Even though she likes working alone late at night or early in the morning with coffee in hand setting up multitasking. She could put together an event and delegate it to her co-workers. She was never the type that would stay at an entry-level to long.

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